Reclaiming Quarries

Quarrying is an important source of raw material and employment in rural areas. Unfortunately once an extraction company has taken what they went a scar on the landscape is left. A variety of uses have been found for former  quarry sites such as reservoirs, landfill and conservation areas. Two large developments that have taken place on the sites of former quarries are the Blue Water shopping centre in Kent East of London and The Eden Project in Cornwall.

In pairs it is your task to produce a poster presentation detailing the nature of a development in a former quarry. If you would like to you can research the history of Blue Water by following this link or if you would like to do The Eden Project click here. Or you can research another example of your choice.

What ever you choose your poster must include the following

1. Location detail.

2. The former use.

3.The new use.

4.What have been the strengths of the new use.

5.Anything else interesting.


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