GCSE Revision Websites.

Working out how to revise in the most effective manner for you is tricky. You must make sure that you are using your time as effectively as you possibly can. The best place for you to focus your revision is your class notes, these have been organised by you so they should make sense!

There are a variety of website that you can use to help you revise and it is also another way of varying the process to make sure you remain focussed.

  • BBC Bitesize Geography is really well organised and very comprehensive and is probably the one I recommend more than any other. It has the benefit of including some video content which can assist understanding.
  • S-Cool Geography is well structured for the AQA course and also has some useful exam style questions.
  • Geography at the Movies is a pretty useful bank of animations and annotated slides made mostly by geography teachers- watch out for the spelling mistakes!
  • Finally, GeoGames is a fun and interactive way to stay engaged with revision. There is a wide variety on this site that will keep you entertained.

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