Annotating Photos with Skitch and Evernote

Field Sketches are a really useful tool whilst conducting fieldwork, they allow you to highlight and emphasise features that are of geographical significance. However, not everyone is Van Gogh and putting together an accurate fieldsketch can be very tricky. In addition poor weather or time can sometimes hamper the quality of sketches. In some ways photos can be used to bridge the gap but adding annotations can sometimes be an awkward process.

The solution is Skitch which is an app that can be used to easily annotate photos. There are a couple of examples below from a recent trip to Dorset. Below is an explanation of how to get the free app.

Boscombe River data collection equipment

Downloading skitch is easy and very quick, you just have to visit this website or the apple store and download the app onto your phone. This will allow you to annotate photos, maps, images from the web and so on. A brief guide on how to use it can be found here. In order to get the most out of skitch and to use it for your fieldwork you should download Evernote to your PC at home. This will allow you to download or email the pictures.

I have set up a Putney High School Evernote account so that we can all share our skitch work together. Ask Mr Turner for details.


6 thoughts on “Annotating Photos with Skitch and Evernote

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