The biggest wave ever surfed

Surfer Garrett McNamara has recently won an award for surfing the largest ever recorded wave. He rode the 24 metre (78 foot) beast in November of 2011 but it has taken some time to accurately calculate its size. This link explains the conditions that led to such a large wave being created, there is also a video of the Hawaiian riding the behemoth.

Garrett McNamara makes history surfing the biggest ever wave


2 thoughts on “The biggest wave ever surfed

  1. This is quite an interesting article, as I have always believed that waves like this could have only been formed by the moving of tectonic plates, like the 2004 Asian tsunami. However, the canyon seems to be as big as the Grand Canyon, so it can be quite believable that this could generate a wave this big. But are there any other factors that contribute to the large wave? It says in the article that some even travel from the Caribbean to Portugal. Is this true?

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