Fieldwork preparation.

 Before we begin our fieldwork we need at do some research to find something out about the areas we are visiting.

We are going to be collecting data on Bognor Regis and Newhaven. Before we go on the trip you are going to put together two short (no longer than one side of A4 each)  profiles of the locations using the headings below.

1. Location of study– one local and one regional map created using digimaps for schools (click for link, I will give you the password in class).

2. Purpose of the study– taken from the worksheet in your file.

3. Brief background to the area– for Newhaven focus on the coastline.  include information on the rock types (use British geology map), uses of the beach, nature of sea defences (if any) and brief detail on the surrounding settlement.

For Bognor Regis focus on the history of the settlement and the growth of tourism (remember’Regis’ means royal). Add some detail about any notable tourist attractions and some figures about the climate.

Be sure to keep this information safe as it will be very useful when we begin the write up. If you want to learn anything more about the requirements of the controlled assessment take a look at the link here.


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