Hurricane Sandy

You are going to spend the lesson understanding the impacts of Huricane Sandy that occurred in late October 2012.

  1. Watch this video clip to understand what happened during the hurricane.
  2. Now watch this clip to undestand why the hurricane caused so much damage.
  3. Make a table like the one below  in a word document, make it nice and big.
  4. Now watch the video clip again and fill in the boxes.
  5. Follow this link to the BBC website, it shows a map of the destruction in New York City. Pick up any extra information that you can use to add to the table.
  6. From the same website choose one image from the photo bank that you think sums up the destruction caused by Sandy most clearly. Write a brief description explaining why you have chosen it.
  7. Continue to research the actions that have taken place to assist the recovery of areas hit by Sandy. How successful have these been.
  8. Finally, write a comment on this blog (using the ‘leave a comment’ icon to the bottom right of this post) explaining briefly the advice you would give to citizens on the east coast of America to help them to protect against future hurricanes.
Economic Impacts(Money) Environmental Impacts(The landscape)
Social Impacts(People’s lives) Political Impacts(The Government)

41 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy

  1. I think that people should live somewhere else as you can’t stop a hurricane so you might as well live in a safer area.

  2. I would tell the East-coast citizens to make sure that when they re-built their homes to make sure that the foundations went deep and were strong, and to build them with water-proof materials as much as possible.

  3. I would tell the citizens on the East Coast of America that the next time a hurricane hits they should put their car in a clear space if they can, away from any trees or buildings. i would also tell them to stock up on food and water and put wooden boards over there windows just incase a tree falls and smashes in. Lastly, I would tell them to put all their belongings high off the ground, just in case there is a flood.

  4. To protect yourself from hurricanes in the hurricane season you should keep your cupboard stocked up with tinned foods, check a website like the met office for any warnings and make sure you have a safe place to stay if there is a hurricane like a basement.

  5. some advice to the people of the east coast is, that they should try to get out of the flood area; it is best to evacuate. They should also try to get lots of food and water so they don’t have to keep going outside and putting themselves in danger. If they are rebuilding a house they should make it strong against wind, for future hurricanes. They should stay inside if they can’t evacuate and maybe buy candles or some things which don’t use electricity because power will fail in a hurricane.

  6. my advice is to rebuild buildings in a more wind and water proof way to prevent greater damage. also, if you know that it is coming soon try and stay on high ground if you think it is safer.

  7. To reduce the amount of damage in future hurricsnes you could:
    Park your car in a garage when possible.
    Move your belongings to a higher floor so they don’t get flooded.
    Be ready to evacuate at any moment with food and water.
    Carry a battery operated torch around with you incase the electricity fails.
    Keep watching the TV for updates on the weather.
    Don’t go out on the streets .
    Don’t stand under trees.

  8. To prepare for future hurricanes I would raise the house off the ground slightly but make sure it cant be knocked over. Have an emergancy draining system for the Subway so it wont take as long to drain. Look at the weather forecast so you can be prepared e.g. food and water.

  9. To prepare for a hurricane you we need to have a good foundation for your house so that it is strong and can cope with the wind. also to listen to the weathr report and make sure that you have a lot of supplies to last a couple of days.

  10. For citizens along the East Coast of America in need of aid after the Hurricane Sandy incident, some recovery ideas are to call a community resource that will help, or find a local aid shelter where needed resources concerning the situation can be found.

  11. i think that they should have better protection against extreme weather as it is quite a dangerous area for tsunamis and hurricanes

  12. The stronger and more resistant buildings are, the safer they will be. Countries around are here to help and seeing as the Americans have a new President everything is more controlled

  13. If I had to tell the citizens on the East Coast of America how to protect themselves about the next hurricane, I would tell them a number of things. Firstly I would advise them to buy as much food as they need to last them the few days that the storm lasts. I would also tell them to raise all their beds and other furniture to prevent them being damaged against the floods. I would possibly tell them to try to put their car in a space away from trees, therefore trees would not damage the car.

  14. In my opinion, the people of New York should learn from this experience and take care to listen carefully to any future warnings they recieve stating that a natural disaster is soon to occur. The citizens should also stay inside their homes and make sure they have candles ready incase of a power cut. However there is no way of stopping a hurricane so try and stay calm and get out of the situation before hand if given the oppurtunity.

  15. To be prepared for the next hurricane I would advise people to stay inside and to only go out if it is an emergency or they might get hurt.

  16. i would try to evacuate areas near the power generators just incase they do explode. then less people would get hurt. 🙂

  17. I would tell the citizens of the East Coast to listen to the weather forecast and take weather warnings seriously. When there is a hurricane expected then they should stay inside and make sure they have access to essential supplies such as food, water, first aid and warm blankets. Also to make sure their homes are built strongly and that there are flood barriers near their home, if necessary. Also having an emergancy phone and parking your car in a garage when there is a weather warning.

  18. i would just be prepared! own a portable hurricande shelter and if you are told to evaccuate, EVACCUATE! ( because some people didi not when they were told to, and they died)

  19. I would advice people to evacuate to the safest area possible, and to have built a hurricane shelter in their homes to ensure their family of safety. I would advise people to stay inside and only leave if a critical emergency occured. I would also advise people to have bottles of water, blankets, torches, and dried food to be stored in a dry, high up place in their homes to be prepared for the worst situations. happy huricanes!

  20. I think that the hurricane is a terrible thing to happen but there is no techonoldgy at the moment we can use to predict when and where it will hit at the present day. I think that we should all just learn to live with hurricanes

  21. If I new the hurricane was coming I would evacuate and turn off all electricity transmitters for safety. Mainly evacuate people who live by the sea.

  22. If you’re in this storm I’d tell everyone to stay inside and if you see someone hurt, drowning or in danger cool for hep or do it yourself. I’d tell everyone to have a good supply of food to last you 48 hours and carry a first aid kit around. I would sleep in the basement at night as it’s away from the windows and glass. Don’t go out alone and stay in groups. Put shutters against windows and don’t go in the car. Watch the news to check updates on the storm and to know what to expect.
    Stay safe xxxxxx

  23. I would reccomend preparation- obviously no one would be completely prepared for an hurricane as it is a rare occurence and extreme preparation would prevent the living of a normal life, but flood barriers; government enforced safety guidelines + procedures in every househould and access to healthcare supplies are of paramount importance when in a crisis.

  24. If i was in a hurricane prone area then make sure that all your imortant possesions are in a safe place and that you watch the news reports for your area

  25. I would tell them to always have torches in the house or even in their pocket or bag just in case they are left with no electricity.

  26. I belive that people should have safety precautions like a first-aid kit, food, water and common sense. Also listen to saftey warnings and take them on board.

  27. I think people should now be prepared for next time and, hopefully be ready for the enxt hurricane or major problem that might happen. I would advise them to keep a spare power source incase of the power generator breaking and to keep some spare food.

  28. it was hard for all people in New York but it was even harder for people in the Caribbean but especially in Haitii

  29. I would prepare everyone for the aftermath and get people to evacuate, unless they have a hurricane shelter, so less people were hurt.

  30. It is hard to prepare for a hurricane, it is best to prepare for the aftermath. Store lots of food and water, and try to shut down you electricity to prevent some damage

  31. After being warned about the storm, I would recommend people to go to a hurricane shelter or stay in a safe, unharmful area. I would also suggest that they turned off their electricity so that no damage is done. If you are in a dangerous zone you should take precautions and should store food, water, a first aid kit and other essentials in your safe area in preparation as you never know when a hurricane will hit!

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