Adventurous survivor of the Japanese tsunami arrives in the US

A boat thought to have been swept out to sea during the 2011 Japanese tsunami has washed up on a beach in Oregon – with an unexpected passenger.

A striped beak fish, usually found in shallow Asian water, was on board, having made the 8,000km (4,971 mile) journey to the west coast of North America. It is thought that it survived on other organisms in the boat. The adventurous fish has now been re-housed in a local aquarium. Click here to learn more. 


4 thoughts on “Adventurous survivor of the Japanese tsunami arrives in the US

  1. This article is especially intriguing because this little, helpless fish has managed to survive for a long time in extreme conditions. It would have had to adapt quickly to its new surroundings and would have had some rough encounters, which it survived.

  2. This is such a fascinating article, and the video link is also very informative and interesting. I think it is a good example of adapting to a new environment, and i am amazed by the beak fish, and how it survived through these extreme conditions. I would love to take a look at this fish in the aquarium!

  3. This is an interesting article as its very surprising for a small fish to survive a tsunami. Im shocked that it survived the rough conditions and was able to adapt to a new environment.

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