4B Practice questions

Below there are a series of practice questions that I have made up ahead of the 4B examination. These are only guesses at the sort of thing that may come up, researching the answers should help you to get to grips with the AIB. Here is a copy of the AIB AQA-GEO4B-PM-Jun13 in case you should ever need it.

  1. What physical elements of the 6.3 magnitude  Christchurch  earthquake meant that the impacts were greater than would normally be expected ? (8 Marks)
  2. Assess the success of Christchurch’s building regulations to resist seismic events. (12 Marks)
  3. Present evidence from the AIB and your own knowledge that the Earth is getting more unstable. (10 Marks)
  4. What conclusions can be drawn from the data presented in P4 and P5? (8 Marks)
  5. Describe the difficulties that seismologists have in predicting earthquakes. (12 Marks)
  6. How did the responses to the Christchurch earthquake differ to those found in other areas of the world? (10 Marks)
  7. “We have an obligation to learn as much as we can from this event to help improve our understanding of earthquakes and their impact on society, and to help ensure that New Zealand is well prepared for future earthquakes.” Dr Berryman, Engineering seismologists from GNS Science.

What can be learned from the events surrounding the Christchurch and Darfield earthquakes? (12 Marks)

Task. Read the questions above carefully. Select some of them to write answers to. You should select enough to make up to at least 30 marks. If you decide to answer either questions 2 or 7 then this link from a Canadian news channel maybe of assistance.


One thought on “4B Practice questions

  1. Hi, I’m currently studying geography and will be taking this exam in June. I was just wondering if you have any model answers or advice on answering these questions? Many thanks

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