Walkscore- A tool to measure the quality of services.

Walkscore is a really useful application that you can use at home on your computer or download on to your phone. It allows you to gain an appreciation of travel time from given locations and perhaps more interestingly can give you tell how how well connected a location is to services.

For example, if you are conducting a survey into the quality of service provision in an area you would expect the walkscore to be high (close to 100) for a place that is well connected to lots of services. So if I calculate the walkscore for Putney High School it is 82, a reasonable rating. If I calculate the walkscore for my parents house in rural Somerset it is 10, showing a place that is poorly connected.

If you wanted to apply this to a tourism study you could find out the walkscore for various key tourist facilities to assess how well connected they are compared to the other services within the settlement as a whole. In a british sideside resort tourist facilities should be generally well connected to other services.


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