Welsh Earthquake measure 3.8


An earthquake off North Wales early on Wednesday has been felt across an area more than 100km wide, the British Geological Survey (BGS) says. The 3.8 magnitude quake had its epicentre in the Irish Sea 15km from Abersoch, Gwnedd, and was felt as far away as Southport in Merseyside, the Survey said. The tremor at around 4.15 am sparked more than 100 reports from people who felt it, the majority within a 100km radius.

“This was a larger than average earthquake, we get around one a year of this size,” the BGS said.

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3 thoughts on “Welsh Earthquake measure 3.8

  1. This is very interesting because, in comparison to the whole world, Wales is very close to England and also the United Kingdom is not that close to any plate boundaries so you do not always here of earthquakes in Wales.

  2. Fascinating how earthquakes can happen in places which aren’t neighboring or even close to plate boundary, and notably Wales for i have never heard of earthquakes taking place in or around Britain.

  3. This is an interesting article because it is very rare for something like this to happen as the UK is not near any tectonic plate boundaries for earthquakes to occur easily, and i would have never thought of an earthquake happening in Wales.

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