Post Olympic Baby Boom Leads to Peak in Birth Rate

The true legacy of the Olympic Games is the biggest baby boom since England won the World Cup, Boris Johnson has claimed.

The Mayor of London said the “euphoria” in the wake of Team GB’s success at last summer’s Games has led to a surge in births not seen in the capital since 1967, the year after England won the football World Cup.

Mr Johnson said he had instructed his City Hall demographics team to study the birth data after recalling last year telling Olympic medal winners that they had caused such joy in Britain that they had “not only inspired a generation, [but] probably helped to create one as well”.

This claim is supported to the Office of National Statistics. More UK births have occurred than in any other year  since 1972, says ONS. This is the highest population growth in the EU, click here to learn more.


2 thoughts on “Post Olympic Baby Boom Leads to Peak in Birth Rate

  1. I think it is very interesting how a worldwide event can effect other things such as world population, and how it can be proved that it definitely was that event.

  2. I found this article fascinating; the fact that a sporting event can have an affect on the country’s population is astonishing and although weird is in a way quite nice.

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