ITCZ and Arctic Sea Ice

The BBC weather website is a great resource to understand climatic disaster and changes in the atmosphere. Here BBC Weather’s Ben Rich explains how the recent rainfall in Mali could lead to increased tropical storm activity across North America and the Caribbean.

This clip explains how summer sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is not expected to reach a record minimum this year. The record minimum was set in 2012, when Arctic sea ice cover shrank to 3.41 million square kilometres (1.32 million square miles).


3 thoughts on “ITCZ and Arctic Sea Ice

  1. It is depressing and shocking to know that everyday more and more ice is melted! I think more things should be done to prevent our climate from changing even more. People say that saving electricity and not driving cars so much can prevent this yet, there seems to be no change. Is this our fault or is there a bigger factor that is hard to stop?

    • You are right, it is certainly not good news. Have a look at my most recent post on the new evidence for climate change to find out a little more but essentially yes, humans have played a significant role in causing the ice to melt.

  2. I was unaware of how much the ice is melting and how fast, I was aware that it was a large issue but I had no idea how much had melted so recently. This is quite a horrifying thought and how it is almost entirely up to human activity and how despite all of our efforts to stop it, it still carries on.

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