New Evidence on Climate Change- Food for thought rather than ammunition for the skeptics.

New evidence this week has been released that represents two seemingly contradictory points of view on climate change. The first is that it has been reaffirmed that humans have made significant contributions to changes to global temperatures. This we know and have known for some time. The second piece of evidence is that there does not seem tobe significant evidence to suggest that any warming has occurred in the last 15 years. This is of course good news, however it has been used by some climate skeptics to contradict the first piece of information.

So how can it be that humans have contributed to warming but not in recent times? One theory is that the polluting gases that industrial processes produce are acting like a mirror, rather than a blanket, and deflecting incoming solar radiation to maintain a steady surface temperature. Another theory is that the oceans are essentially absorbing the heat and distributing it at a very slow rate thus reducing the overall impact. A third theory is that we are experiencing a sun spot, a period of time when the energy emitted by the sun reduces. The final theory is that environmental policies introduced in the early 1990s, such as an ending to the use of CFCs in refrigerators and aerosols, have worked.

My opinion is that it is a combination of all of the above but in truth we really don’t know. This should not be ammunition for climate skeptics, who prefer to believe contrary evidence to suit their glutenous lifestyles, but rather food for thought that our climate operates in a dynamic manner where finding equilibrium is a very delicate process.

Click here to find out about the causes and consequences of climate change as described by the Met Office. This is one of my favourite animations to describe climate change- it called Wake Up, Freak Out- then Get a Grip.


11 thoughts on “New Evidence on Climate Change- Food for thought rather than ammunition for the skeptics.

  1. This is a very interesting article. I thought that scientists knew what causes climate change. Clearly they are unsure though.

  2. I was surprised at how many theories there were! I never realised that the ocean could be taking in the heat and releasing it over a long amount of time or that we could be experiencing a sun spot

  3. I didn’t realise there were so many theories! it is interesting to know that some of the theories contradict each other and we are not certain about what actually causes climate change.

  4. I was surprised that the world barely got any hotter in the last 15 years, despite more greenhouse gases being pumped into the atmosphere! This is very different from what I knew before, I realise that some of my understandings of climate change are wrong, and I learnt many new theories about it which I did not know before.

  5. this article is very interseting and opened my eyes to the change in climate and this is a differnt theory that i have not heard before

  6. i didn’t know there different theory’s as to why climate change is happening, so this was very interesting and now i know more about what could be causing it and that it isn’t only us causing climate change

  7. Surprising that no apparent warming has occurred in the 15 years! The theories were actually very interesting to read and I hadn’t heard about them before. Is it really possible that oceans are still distributing the heat from 15 years ago? And sorry, I would have commented last week but I only just got wifi back in my house, and didn’t have time to use the school ICT rooms due to other commitments/lunchtime activities.

  8. These theories are different to what I’ve heard before! I have learnt something new, and have seen climate change from a different perspective.

  9. I thought this article was very interesting as I did not know of all the theories! I thought it was surprising that it had not changed that much in the last 15 years.

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