Building a profile of an urban and rural area.

For the final part of the AS unit you have to build a profile on two contrasting location. We are going to be studying Bournemouth for our urban area and Worth Matravers for out rural location. The reason I have chosen these two is because we will be visiting them during our fieldwork next term.

I want you to start with Bournemouth. First you need to give a brief description of the reasons why a settlement grew up in Bournemouth. This will include a location map that you can create using digimaps, I will give you the login in details.

You need to build a population profile by looking at several factors listed below. In brackets are some links that will help you get started on your research. Fell free to work together on this. A great starting place is Dorset Explore. This has a wealth of information on the local area. This is also a good article to gain an understanding of views on the area.

  • Housing – characteristics and quality. (Zoopla a house price website)
  • To measure levels of multiple deprivation use the ONS neighbourhood statistics .you enter the post code on the right and then click on people and places before scrolling down.
  • Ethnicity – origin of population. (Bournemouth Borough Council website that uses census data)
  • Age structure of population. (Bournemouth Borough Council website that uses census data)
  • Wealth of population and type of jobs people do/level of employment.
  • Services present.

Here is a great link to a document with some useful statisics for the Boscombe. This is a ward which most accurately reflects an Inner City area so it is worth paying special attention to this- Thanks Barry for the link!


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