Drawing River Valley Profiles Using Digimaps

During the field trip you are going to be doing a river study on the River Corfe. The main thing we will be looking at is the change in river characteristics with distance down stream. We need to do some research on the study area before we go. Using digimapsforschools you are going to create a profile of the river valley. Follow the instructions below, you should work in a group and produce one profile each for either the upper course, middle course or lower course of the river.


1. Login to http://digimapforschools.edina.ac.uk/cosmo/home using the details I give you.

2. Select the file tab at the top of the page and open the map called ‘Isle of Purbeck Study Sites made by me on 13.10.13.

3. Allocate one site from along the River Corfe to each member of the group.

4. In order to learn how to make the profile of the River Valley watch this video.

5. Now follow the instructions you have just watched and create your profile.

6. Once you have done this you need to collate the three graphs and locate them on the map of the River Corfe so you can clearly see how the valley changes with distance.


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