Metro Manilla

Metro Manilla is an excellent film* that brings in to focus the plight of rural to urban migration. It is about a family that are forced to move to the Fillipino megacity after their rice farm becomes unprofitable. After falling into a trap set by a rogue landlord they lose all their money and are forced to live in a slum. The Mother of two is made to work is a unsalubrious bar whilst the Father takes a job as an armoured guard. I will leave my description there as I don’t want to spoil it!

This is a really good way to understand the processes that drive rural-urban migration and many of the problem migrants face. If you only get to watch the first 30 minutes it is well worth it. *Be warned there is material of an adult content in the full movie. A good way to get the flavour is to watch the trailer above.


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