AIB 2014. Morpeth Floods, 2008.

In order to improve your knowledge I would strongly recommend that you watch this video from BBC Inside Out from October 2008. You gain some basic information from wikipedia here .

Here is a link to the first extra research site from the back of the AIB. It highlights the significant role that the failure to secure funding from the government had on the flooding in 2012. The quote at the end from the Morpeth Flood Action group champions Partnership agreements. It is worth reflecting on the success and failure of other Partnerships we have studied such as the LDDC (London Docklands Development Corporation) and the various bodies involved with the Olympics.

The second link from online newspaper the journal gives more details on the 2012 flooding. It will be useful to map this information.

Here is a good link summarising the nature of the chosen flood defence scheme due to be completed by Christmas 2014 at a cost of £25 million.


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