How Safe is Your Neighbourhood?

The police force have a website which allows you to investigate the types of crime that have occurred recently in your neighbourhood. You can find the website by clicking here. 

Once you are on the website complete the following.

1. Type in the post code for your home and press enter.

2. Click on the ‘street level updates’ link on the right which will generate a map showing the number and location of crimes committed in Nov 2012 in your area.

3. Take a screen grab (or print screen) of the map so you can print it out and stick it in your book.

4. Using the table on the left of the page make a list of the five most common crimes in your area.

5. Have a closer look at the map and your list, can you explain why these crimes occur in your neighbourhood? Are there any areas that might be more prone to crime than others? If so, why? Write a brief paragraph in your book explaining your thoughts.


57 thoughts on “How Safe is Your Neighbourhood?

  1. I live in Fulham and the 5 most common crimes comitted in December 2012 are anti-social behaviour, other theft, violent crime, vehicle crime and burglary. I think my area has a lot of crime because it is right near to Chelsea football stadium and every so often they have matches. This causes people to get drunk so they are more likely to commit crimes and it causes more traffic so more vehicle accidents happen. Also, there are many council houses in my neighbourhood and most of the people that live there may be very poor. This means that they are more likely to burgle houses and vehicles as they are looking for things they can sell or keep to gain money. There are also many public parks that anyone can enter. This means that people can break swings and slides and in the evening people can hang out there and this is when most anti-social behaviour happens. Within a mile from my road, there have been 920 crimes committed in December 2012. This is a fairly large amount but as in most villages there are many safe parts but on the contrary there are many dodgy parts.

    • Great, this is a very interseting you have come up with some good points to explain the nature of crime in your area. Do you think that the police could do anything else to reduce crime rates in your area? How would you feel if more CCTV cameras went up in the area for example?

      • I think if more CCTV cameras went up then people may feel a little more in secure but I think this is necessary to reduce crime rates. Police need to be seen around the streets and parks of Fulham at night, even at times when they are not called. It is important for people to feel that there is a police man/woman near them and therefore people are less likely to commit crimes if they know there is a police man/woman nearby.

    • Hi sophia,
      The crime in your area sounds similar to mine, clearly there are similar crimes among many areas, its quite obvious that anti-social behaviour is a high factor of crime now days, why do you think the police haven’t tried to deal with this, even though statistics clearly show that anti-social behaviour is a problem? Since you know your area has some dodgy parts and that crime in your area is sufficiently high, What precautions have you and your family done in order for you to be safe from the affects of criminals e.g. House alarm? Thank you

    • Hi Sophia,
      Looking at all the statistics it is quite obvious that anti-social behavior plays a big part in everyone’s day to day lives. Living near a football ground can also effect this as many people who go there might come out drunk increasing the risk of theft and anti-social behavior. Burglary can also effect lots of people. Why do you think that people burgle? I think it is because some of the people living in the housing estates don’t have a job and so might get bored so burglary is something fun to do and they can get something out of it. How do you think burglary can be stopped?

  2. I live in Wimbledon and the five most common crimes there are:
    Anti-social behavior
    Other theft
    Vehicle crime
    Violent crime
    In total 177 crimes have happened since December 2012. On my street there have been many burglaries because it is very quiet and there is hardly ever anyone around so it is easy to burgle the houses and break into the cars. Also there are quite alot of bars and pubs in the village so when people get drunk that is when the anti-social behavior happens. On the whole my area is very safe and it is normal for crimes to take place anywhere. Compared to Fulham my area is really safe as in Fulham 920 crimes were committed since December 2012 and in Wimbledon only 122.

    • Well done Jess, this i a very useful appraisal of the situation. Similar to Sophia you have noted the influence of alcohol on criminal activity. Can you think of anything that could be done to reduce cime related to drinking? How has the responsibility of stopping people from getting drunk? The pub owners or the police?

      • To reduce drink related crimes you could put a restriction on the amount of alcohol one person can have. You could also have more policeman patrolling the places where the most drink related crimes take place. I think the pub owners have the responsibility of stopping people from getting drunk as the police are not available in every pub and they have more important things to do. They cannot just sit around at pubs and stop people from getting drunk. That is what the pub owneres should do. However I think that the police should handle the crimes due to drink.

      • Hi Jess, as you said 177 crimes in not very much at all. I live in Barnes and there have only been 258 crimes since December 2012. I think that the pub owners have the responsibility to stop people in their pub getting drunk. This is because they are supplying the alcohol so they should look after the people in the pub. I believe that pubs and the police should (As Jessie said,) put a limit on the amount of alcohol that they supply to each person I think that this would definitely help solve the number of crimes.

  3. I live in Fulham and the five most common crimes committed there are:
    Anti-social behaviour
    Other theft
    Violent crime
    Vehicle crime
    Sine December 2012, there have been over 1000 crimes committed in my area. I can definitely believe this because on my street there have been lots of incidents where police have come to investigate some ind of burglary. I also only live a few streets away from Fulham Football ground and when matches are on, people become drunk and violent crimes are committed. At the end of my street, there is a junction where a lot of car accidents happen, this is vehicle crime. Around my area, there are a lot of council houses as well and this could be some of the anti social behaviour.

      • The drunk people from football matches or teens living in my area (there are lots of them could be recklessly driving aswell.

    • In Fulham there are way more crimes than in Wimbledon, my area. I think this is because Wimbledon is quite small and has no places where many people go and are likely to get drunk. However in Fulham there is the Fulham Football Ground so that is probably one of the reasons why there are so many crimes commited there.

  4. I live in Wimbledon. The 5 most common crimes committed in my area, in December 2012 are:
    -anti-social behavior,
    -other theft,
    -shop lifting,
    -violent crime.
    The total amount of crimes committed in my area are 396. I think the reason why there are so many anti-social behavior incidents is because there are a lot of bars and pubs in the village and town giving easy access to alcohol leading to people becoming drunk and committing ant-social behavior issues. There is also a fair amount of shop lifting compared to other areas, this is because there are two shopping centers in the town, which gives people a better opportunity to commit this type of crime. There are also a signifercant amount of other crimes committed near these shopping centers, as these places have higher density of people. Violent crimes are generally to the south of Wimbledon, which is a slightly less affluent area compare to Wimbledon Village.

    • Gemma, well done for making some useful points here. It is interesting to compare the number of crimes in your area (396) to those South of the river around Fulham where Emily noted over a thousand. Can you think of any reasons why this might be?

      • I tkink the reason there is more crime in Fulham is because of the football stadium. This is because the football ground is used very often and many people are then attracted to this area. Also because alot of the people who go to the football matches will get drunk and are prone to commiting more crimes as they are not thinking straight. This could be why the violent crime rate is a lot higher than in WImbledon.

      • I agree with Gemma. I live in Fulham but I go to Wimbeldon alot and I notice that Fulham is more densely populated than Wimbeldon, wheras Wimbeldon is much quieter.
        I think one of the reasons why there is much more crime in Fulham is because people get drunk after football matches at Craven Cottage, and when you are drunk you are more likely to commit crimes. Although, Wimbeldon does have Wimbeldon tennis which attracts some people, but I do not think the tennis causes much crime in the area. I think this because the people who go to the football can be rowdy and behave badly, whereas the people who go to the tennis are usually more reserved. Therefore people who go to Fulham football are more likely to commit crimes than people who go to Wimbeldon tennis. This could be a reason why Fulham has many more crimes than Wimbeldon.

  5. I live in Fulham and the 5 most common crimes in my area are:
    Anti-Social Behaviour
    Criminal damage and arson
    Other Theft
    There have been 730 crimes committed in my area since December 2012. I think anti-social behaviour is the top crime because it is a quite easy crime to commit as it is also top in many other areas. Although, Fulham Football Club is very near where I live so if people are coming away drunk from late night matches, this could cause some anti-social behaviour. I think Burglary is second because Fulham is quite a quiet area and so thieves can break into houses easily as there are not many people around. I don’t think there is much shop lifting in Fulham because there are not many shops or shopping centrers around, apart from Fulham Broadway-but that’s not very near my house. I am very surprised that drugs is on the list because I thought Fulham was quite a calm and safe are, although this could be due to some of the council estates in Fulham.

    • I just realised that I did this wrong and the 5 most common crimes in my area are;
      Other Theft
      Antisocial Behaviour
      Vehicle Crime
      Violent Crime
      Not Drugs!
      I am not surprised that Other Theft is the top crime because I know this happens quite commonly in my area as both my Mum and Sister have had their bikes stolen. I also know someone whose car was stolen in Fulham so vehicle crime doesn’t surprise me either, although I am surprised by violent crime as I thought Fulham was quite a safe area, but this could again be to do with the football ground being near my house. The other reasons from above are also for this list.

      • Hi Clara,
        The amount of crime in your area is quite high and I believe this is to do with th Fulham football stadium as many football fans tend to commit antisocial behaviour after matches and also get quite drunk. In some parts of Fulham perhaps it’s easier to steal and so this is why many commit vehicle crime and burglary.

      • I live a few streets away from you so I can definitely agree with you. You also live right at the end of Fulham Football Club so you must get lots of fighting incidents when there are football matches on.

    • Interesting comments Clara, I guess that even though Fulham is a calm area people can still be comitting drugs related crime behind closed doors. What can be done to reduce the problem?

      • To reduce the problem of people commiting drug releated crimes I think we can make sure people are educated about drugs. For example ypu should make sure that people go into schools and educate the children on what a big problem drugs are and how bad they are for you. You could also make the punishment for carrying or selling drugs stricter so that people are more put off the idea because of the consequences. You could also have more police patrolling they area, to try and catch any potential offenders. Another thing you can do is encorrage the public to report suspicious behaviour, and if they see any places which may be growing drugs to report them aswell.

  6. I live in Kew and the 5 most common crimes in my area are:
    anti-social behaviour
    vehicle crime
    criminal damage and arson
    There have been 308 crimes in my area since December 2012. I think anti-social beaviour is the top crime because it is quite easy to commit, some people may not even realise they are commiting a crime, and it covers quite a wide range of things. I live on the south circular which means there are a lot of vehicles in the area all the time and there is also a busy car park over the road so this might explain the high levels of vehicle crime. There is a large gap to the west of my house where no crime has been reported and I think this is because that area covers Kew Gardens. However, as you go towards Chiswick and Richmond it gets more concentrated because these are busier areas. I’m quite surprised criminal damage and arson is on the list because it’s never happened to anyone I know and I thought Kew was quite a quiet area.

    • Well done Hannah, a neat summary. You are correct, arson is a funny one to have on the list, mabe the incidents are failry small and isolated so you would not necessarily notice them.

      • Hi Hannah, i think that maybe the reason you don’t know anyone who has ever had arson committed to them, is because the arson is happening on the outskirts of Kew. Are there many pubs where you live as drunkenness could be a cause of anti-social behavior. Some people don’t even realize that they are committing anti-social behavior as it could be road rage or talking in a rude way.

  7. I live in Putney and the 5 most common crimes comitted in december are other theft, anti-social behaviour, burglary, violent crime and vehicle crime. I believe the anti-social behaviour can be linked to the football matches that go on in Fulham as many people go there and get drunk which makes them disorderly. Burglary is quite common in the area I live in as most of the homes are nice and people are frequently going on holiday. Also vehicle crime is common as there are many nice cars around which are broken into to either steal or steal from (items within car taken). Other theft specifies as “theft other than shoplifting such as bicycle theft or theft from another person”, that implies pickpocketing which I have also heard of but I was not aware that is was as common as it was.

      • Yeah, I looked online for some more information and I found an interesting graph, it showed the number of reported pickpocketing’s in London during 2012. The graph spiked during the Olympics. Rising by 884.

  8. I live in Knightsbridge and the 5 most common crimes committed in this area are
    1. Anti-social behavior
    2. Burglary
    3. Criminal Damage
    4. Drugs
    5. Other Theft
    Since December 2012 374 crimes have been committed in this area. This is a fair amount of crimes and I believe these crimes were committed because fairly wealthy people live in this area which may encourage more people to burgle from this area, also people living in Knightsbridge tend to go on holiday a lot and this makes it easier for a burglar to burgle. I believe anti-social behavior is the top crime because it is the easiest crime to commit, and often committed when people are drunk.

    • Iqra, if you take a look at the other comments on the page you will see that 374 is indeed a very low figure. In common with the other comments though alcohol seems to be a regular cause of anti social behaviour.

      • I live in Fulham, and I think my area has alot more crimes than Iqras because Knightsbridge is quite a civilised area and Fulham is near to the football ground so that could be a big reason why lts more crimes are commited in Fulham than in Knightsbridge. There may be alot of burglary because the houses there are very big and it is quite an expensive area to live in so this could be why it is a big target for theft and burglary.

      • I agree with Clara, Knightsbridge is a more civilised area and it makes sense that more houses are robbed there because they are so big.

    • I can definitely agree with that because in Knightsbridge things are quite fancy and there are big houses so people might think that stealing from them could make a lot of money.

      • Yes I agree with all of you. I live quite near Knightsbridge and you can clearly see people are just SO rich. this is ideal for burglars because as emily said, they can make a big profit from it. But I would have thought Knightsbridge was relatively safe from burglaries, because my mum sells really expensive houses and hotels in that area and the really rich people only want to buy if it is really safe.

  9. I live in Wandsworth, In December 2012 632 crimes were committed in my area, the 3 most common were;
    1. Anti-social behavior- 147
    2. Other theft- 134
    3. Burglary- 82
    In December 2012 there were 550 outcomes and progress recorded for crime within one mile of London borough of Wandsworth;
    315- under investigation
    146-no further action at this time
    Crime levels in my area are dropping, in December 2012 there were 632 crimes committed whereas in November 2012 there were 806 crimes committed- that’s a decrease of 174 crimes. Anti-social behavior is the top crime in my area, it is the most common type of crime in most areas due to the simple fact that it is the simplest crime for a criminal to commit. Reducing antisocial behavior s a key priority for the government, in 2010-11, the police recorded 3.3 million incidents of antisocial behavior.

    • Well done Renanta, that is an awful lot of anti-social behaviour across the country! I wonder what that actually means? It is interesting that 146 of the crimes reported will no longer attract any action, that is a weakness of the Police system in my eyes.

      • I think that due to the fact that anti-social behavior is so common now days (in a variety of areas) police see this sort of crime as minor, they leave it to the side because they consider other crimes of higher importance, but in my view a crime is a crime, all crimes should be dealt with and none should be treated as of less importance. Anti-social behavior is not one specific crime, it can disrupt the lives of an entire community. Antisocial behavior can range from intimidation and racism to noise and boundary disputes- by the police not dealing with this crime the numbers of this crimes will simply rise and isn’t this the exact thing that police are trying to prevent? Is it fair to know that if you report a crime to the police there is a chance that the police may no deal with it? In 2012 my area did not deal with roughly a fifth of crimes recorded.

    • I agree that there is a lot of anti-social behavior in many cities. But why do you think that it is the most common in YOUR town? It is a good thing that the crime rates are dropping, I think this is because the police are becoming more and more involved with the public and there are now more of them.

  10. I live in Southfields and in December 2012 the top five most common crimes were:
    Anti-social behavior
    Other Theft
    Vehicle Crime
    Violent Crime
    In total 458 crimes were committed in my are in December 2012. I think the reason that there are so many anti-social crimes is because there are quite a few pubs in the area and are normally quite full probably meaning that people get drunk and are more prone to committing a crime even if they do not realize that they are doing one. Also,there is a big shopping center where there are a lot of council estates which could mean the increase of anti-social behavior and theft. Southfields is quite a residential area, which would mean that there are a lot of houses to burgle and most houses have 1 or 2 cars meaning there is a wide range of cars to burgle. Southfields can be quite quiet at times, which is the perfect time to commit a crime.

    • Some very interesting comments Tash. Have a look at some of the other comments,how does Southfields compare in crime levels to those areas? What do you think that people who live in the area could do to reduce crime rates?

      • Looking at some of the other comments left I would say Southfields is relatively safe, not as many crimes in areas such as Hammersmith or Fulham but more crimes than places such as Wimbledon or Knightsbridge.
        To reduce the crime rates you could put up more CCTV cameras around as there aren’t many up at the moment and if people know that they are being watched it could reduce the crime levels.You could increase the amount of security around the shopping center to reduce anti-social behavior to keep the people who live there safer and also it would mean that there would be more jobs available.

    • Compared to other areas, Southfields does not have a majorly high amount of crimes committed. However, there seems to be a lot if bad behavior and a lot of people steeling things from others. The fact that there are many council estates may show that people are looking for money to steal from people who are more wealthy in that area. What do you think they can do about the fact that people are stealing quite a lot?

  11. I live in Hammersmith which is quite a multi cultural area; there are a lot of rich people but also very poor. In December 2012, the number of crimes that were reported were 1612. The top 5 crimes committed were:
    other theft-414
    anti-social behaviour-317
    violent crime-179
    vehicle crime-134
    A lot of the crimes were committed in the poorest areas of Hammersmith. (where there are council estates) I think that shoplifting is so high is because we have Westfield Shopping Centre in Hammersmith, so most of these crimes would have been committed here. Anti – social behaviour is the top by a huge amount because i don’t think people realise how serious their actions are and it is a very broad term. The closer you go to the centre of Hammersmith the least amount of crime there is. The closer you get to the broadway, (flyover) the more crime there is as it is much darker and everything is in shadow. Again the closer you get to Westfield the more crime there is as this is a dodgier part of Hammersmith.

    • Some sound observations Immy. You mention that Hammersmith is a multi cultural area, what difference do you think this makes to crime? Do you think there is any way that the Police can reduce crime rates near the flyover and Westfield?

  12. I live in Barnes and the 5 most common crimes are
    -vehicle crime
    -other crime
    -anti-social behavior
    -violent crime

    overall in December 2012 there have been 258 crimes reported to the local police. The crime which is the highest is vehicle crime, this has a number of 59. As you will see there is more crime around the outskirts of Barnes. This is less well lit and there is less cctv. Then in the center of barnes there is alot less crime because it is very well lit and safe.

    • If you take a look at the other posts you will see that 258 is a really low number in comparison to some other areas. What difference do you think CCTV makes exactly? Would you like to see more of it in your area?

      • i have looked at some other statistics, and 258 is very low, i think that the CCTV cameras make a huge difference. This is because people know that they are being watched and so they are more worried about commiting crimes. This is because everyone knows that being caught on tape is incriminating evidence, whereas a witness could be making everything up.

      • Yeah, Ellie’s point about the CCTV is a good one. Statistics show that 1 in 6 criminals decide to not commit a crime because of CCTV in the area.

    • There is not much crime in Barnes, like Wimbledon. My friend lives in Barnes too and she said had her car broken into. She said that there are many vehicals around Barnes. However there is not much other crime there as it is relatively small and quiet. It is not a very crowded place generally however when events take place, such as the Barnes Fair, many people come who dont live there so it gets crowded then. So this is when the most crimes take place probably.

      • I live near Barnes so we go there quite a lot and it always seems very quiet and safe so I’m not surprised that the number of crimes committed is quite low. It’s quite a residential area – there aren’t many big shops or businesses – so this means that there are less people around on the average day. If you were somewhere like around Westfilelds there would be lots of people around instead of just residents so there would probably be a higher crime level.I’m surprised that violent crime is in the top five committed in that area.

  13. PUTNEY, and the 5 most common crimes are:
    -other theft
    -anti-social behaviour
    -vechicle crime
    -violent crime

    in December 2012 there have been 731 crimes reported.
    Anti-social behaviour seems like an easy crime to commit, so more people would attempt it. Putney is a very nice area with expensive cars and houses and stuuf, so that would make it an ideal place for someone to steral from.

  14. I live in notting hill/kensington the 5 most common crimes are:
    -other theft
    -antisocial behaviour
    -violent crime
    -vehicle crime
    in december 2012 there were 1801 crimes commited all together.
    i think that ‘other theft’ i.e bicycle robbery and mugging are the most common because there are lots of wealthy people in my area so muggers will target them. There are also lots of barcleys bikes around and it is easy to steal them so this may be the reason bikes were stolen.

  15. Ok, finally found the comment page! I know we were supposed to do this ages ago, but better late than never!

    I live in Battersea. The 5 most common crimes are:

    1) Other theft (281)
    2) Anti-social Behaviour (214)
    3) Violent Crime (120)
    4) Vehicle Crime (86)
    5) Burglary (72)

    In total, there were 994 crimes comitted in December 2012.

    There are a lot of council estate flats in my area. In WW2 the Germans were targeting their bombs at Clapham Junction Station because that’s where all the food and supplies for London arrived. After the war they built council estate flats where the bombs fell. And since in Battersea and Clapham lots of bombs fell, the closer you get to Clapham Junction Station the bigger the concentration of council estates.

    This sort of explains why the top 3 crimes are theft, anti-social behaviour and violent crime. As we know in council estates people are poor and when people are poor and see better off people on the high street or things like that, they will either want to steal from them or just generally agressive and rude so this explains anti-social behaviour. As for violent crimes, well in or near council estates there are often empty, dimly lit alleyways and streets so it wouldn’t be hard to beat some one up there and not get caught.

    But surprisingly for me, the most crimes are comitted not in the council estates but on high streets and busy areas like Kings Road, Fulham road and near South Kensington tube station. I think it is easier for thieves and pickpockets to act there. But one would think those areas are the more privileged areas where the wealthier people live, so why more crime there?

    I think it is because the police know that the area behind where I live is dodgy and so they have put a police station right in the middle of it, on Battersea High Street, and planted CCTV cameras everywhere. I can see, when i go walk my dog, there are so many CCTV cameras, and I think this is done on purpose to put people off comitting crimes in the dodgy areas, and it has worked, because clearly crime is low near the council estates but now it is higher in busy, wealthy areas.

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