Revision Fun !!!!!!!!

You may find revision for exams a potentially boring exercise, the key is to keep yourself busy and your mind occupied. One way to do this is by using some of the games and videos below. There are a wide variety, just choose the ones that interest you the most. Some of them do not match what we have been studying perfectly so don’t worry if you get some of the questions wrong. Good luck and don’t forget to ask your teachers if you have any questions.

Year 7

Settlement- Penalty Shoot Out.

Rivers. BBC Revision videos and quiz. Drainage Basin Countdown Conundrum. Rivers animatons

Plate Tectonics- Plate Boundaries. Structure of the Earth. Earthquake Key Terms. Stop Disaster Game.

Year 8

Coasts- Word Shoot.  Coasts Animations.  Landform Revision

Weather- Types of Rainfall. BBC Revision Videos


Year 9

Ecosystems- BBC Revision Videos and quiz. Fling the Teacher. Walk the Plank.

Population-Population Penalty Shoot Out.  Population key terms. Migration videos and Test.  Jelly Baby Geography

Climate Change- BBC Revision Videos. Energy Info

Here are some more tips


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