Mind the GAP! Gapminder

Here is a link to the Gapminder website which is an excellent source of data for a wide variety of topics in Geography. You are able to manipulate graphs and world maps by adding a variety of data sets and seeing how they change over time. There are also access to some useful videos and lectures. Check it out. Question to consider.

1. Using the map function describe the general trend in population growth over the last 50 years? Tip- use the slider in the bottom right hand corner to make the size of the bubbles larger and easier to interpret.

2. On the right hand side select the UK, China, Zambia and Bangladesh then move the time slider back to the beginning. Briefly describe and contrast the nature of population change in these countries.

3. For the same countries select life expectancy and describe what changes have occurred.

4. Change the variable to total urbanization and describe what has happened to the number of people living in urban areas across the globe.

5. Have any areas increased their percentage of urban dwellers at faster rates than others?

6. Now select another variable of your choice and describe what has happened to 4 countries of your choice.

7. On the chart function make sure you have life expectancy on one axis and income per capita on the other. Move the time slider back to the beginning and watch the changes. Which three countries seem to have improved the most on the these two variables?

8. Using the same variables which 3 countries have made the least gains over the period?

9. Under population select urbanization and then percentage urbanization for one of the axes. Play around with the other axis to see if you can work out what factors contribute to a high number of people living in a urban areas.

10. Go to the home page and then videos and watch the presentation by Hans Rosling entitled ‘Population Growth explained with IKEA boxes’ .


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