Flooding in Colorado. 2013.

Hundreds of people have been rescued from the US state of Colorado after record-breaking heavy rain which led to days of flooding. More than 2,000 residents have been evacuated from their homes with the National Guard deployed to one town to supply food and water while inhabitants await rescue. This link to the New York Times website describes the devastation well.

More than 15in (38cm) of rain – nearly half the region’s annual average – has fallen in a single week, according to the National Weather Service. President Barack Obama has signed an emergency order approving federal disaster aid for Boulder County. Towns such as Jamestown, Lyons and Longmont are said to have been reduced to islands by the swirling floodwaters. USA Today has a great article about the floods which you can find here. You can learn more by following this link to the BBC website, it explains the geography behind the flooding very clearly.


11 thoughts on “Flooding in Colorado. 2013.

  1. I think that is article is very interesting and bazaar of how much water has fallen in such a short period of time. It is quite sad to think of how so many people had to leave their homes for safety.

  2. It is really tragic how so many people were evacuated and how many homes were wrecked. At least there wasn’t any casualties. Hopefully the rain is over for a while now- or at least until they sort everything out!

  3. I think it is devastating how all these people had to leave their homes and would like to know the reason as to why that amount of rain fell in such a short space of time.

  4. Such a tragic story. I was very sad to hear that there were 4 deaths, but I’m glad that so many people were evacuated and that the residents that had to be evacuated were given help and were supported during this difficult time. It is amazing how much rain fell in such a short amount of time but I understand that all the mountains around colorado help direct the rainfall down to the heavily populated foothills.

  5. This was very tragic, and rather strange that so much water could fall in such a small period. Hopefully these people who lost their homes will be able to return soon too.

  6. I also think it is devastating how 2000 people have had to leave their homes. I find how 38cm of rain fell in one week very strange especially as that is almost half of their annual rainfall. I would like to know how so much rain would fall in one week.

  7. I didn’t know that in america Obama has to sign something to give a special type of federal aid, i also didn’t know that the rocky mountains are the tallest mountains in Colorado, or that weather can change so much between seasons, and a small space, in Denver in april it was really sunny.

  8. this is an interesting article about the heavy flooding in Colorado, I didn’t know that, that much rainfall could fall in one week in Colorado and its very sad to see that so many people had to flood their housing because of the rain. hopefully this dose not happen In London soon.

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