London Profiler

London Profiler is an excellent resource that has been compiled by UCL. It uses chloropleth mapping (variations in colour) to show how a variety of variables change across our city. Follow this link to learn more, the variables can be selected from the tabs on the right, be careful to note what the numbers mean in order to understand the patterns shown.

Answer the questions below using the map of London Boroughs to help you.

  1. Select the tab at the top- multicultural atlas. From the drop down menu select Polish. What is the pattern that is shown?
  2. Select another ethnic group and compare the distribution shown with that for the Polish from question 1. What can you see?
  3. Select the tab index of multiple deprivation select income, in broad terms describe the pattern shown.
  4. Can you explain the pattern? Are there any factors that would explain the variations in peoples wealth? Use the other variables to help you.
  5. Under the tab health press the help button. What does HALT mean?
  6. Select a health variable from the list and explain its distribution across London.
  7. Compare your findings for question 6 with someone else in the class. Focus on similarities and differences. Can you explain them?
  8. Select the transport tab. What does PTAL mean? Use the help button for assistance.
  9. Describe the pattern of access to public transport links shown, can you explain it?
  10. Now focus on the Borough of Wandsworth and use a variety of variable to create a profile for the area. 


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