Nower Wood Assessment


You are going to complete a brief write up of one of the investigations that you undertook during the trip to Nower Wood. This will make up a 10% contribution to your end of year mark for geography. Follow these instructions carefully.

Introduction (2Marks)
Briefly outline the location of Nower Wood, include a map. Say why you think gaining a better understanding of deciduous woodland is useful.
Hypothesis (2Marks)
A hypothesis is a testable statement. Create a hypothesis for your investigation and briefly explain why it is worth studying.
Method (3 Marks)
Describe how you went about collecting data- make this clear and concise so that somebody could easily follow them. Include the equipment that you used, you may wish to use photos.
Results (4 Marks)
Display your results using a method of your choice. This could be a line graph, pie chart, annotated photos etc
Conclusion (2 Marks)
Summarise your findings in relation to your original hypothesis.
Evaluation (2 Marks)
How reliable and valuable are your findings? If you repeated the investigation what would you do differently?


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