Man Drought for Women in their 30s


Woman across the world are delaying the age at which they first fall pregnant which is having a distinct impact upon global demographics. They are also delaying the age at which they commit to their life partner and marry. This is simply explained by the fact that women are now more educated then they have ever been, so when once they would have been settling down to bare children now they are studying and working.

The more complex explanation is that women are now taking more time over choosing their men. They expect more and it takes time to find it. This has been coined the ‘Bridget Jones Syndrome’ after the film character who is a young professional in London striving to find her Mr Right.

Each context and country is different. In Italy overbearing Tiger Mums are blamed for wrapping up their sons in the comfort of the family home. Their sons are then ill prepared to take on the necessary domestic duties that young working females would like their men to be able to perform.

In Australia the situation is made worse by the increasing rates of male emigration in recent years.The phenomena is discussed further here in an article in the Australian Newspaper the Herald Sun. To learn more I can recommend reading the book ‘Man Drought’ by Bernard Salt. It is sometimes available to buy on Amazon.


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