GIS World Record Results: Santa Claus is concerned by Climate Change!


Now you have entered your detail into the record breaking map the final map itself can be found here. .

Some Statistics
2/3 of responses were from girls. 7,500 responses from the UK and 280 from the rest of Europe, 3,000 responses from the USA and Canada, 119 from New Zealand, 129 from China, 200 from South East Asia, 100 from the Middle East. We had some “humorous data added” – most notably Santa Claus who I can report was concerned about climate change!

You can complete a more detailed analysis by using this map which has some extra features built in. Be patient as it is a little slow with so much data on the map!
1. Click on the filter button- the thing in the top left hand corner that looks like a funnel.
2. Click ‘Select Results from your School’
3. Write ‘Putney’ in the school name and click apply.
4. This gives an average of all the results from all 330 students who entered their data.

To complete some more detailed analysis try the following.
1. Close the filter tab. Put the School post code in the search bar in the top left hand corner.
2. Locate the layers tab in the top right of the map- it looks like pieces of paper on top of each other.
3. The layer list shows all the different questions that were asked in the survey plus some other things.
4. Try clicking on overall quality life score and scroll down to click on UK % Unemployment.
5. Now click on the legend button just to the left of the layers one. It has a small triangle, square and circle on it.
6. This should now allow you to see if there is a link between the the views of PHS students on quality of life and unemployment. Feel free to try adding some different layers now.

What is GIS? Click here and follow this ESRI Storymap to find out more.


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