More Christchurch Resources

  • If you click on the picture above it takes you to a great resource from the BBC that contains a lot of detail on the Christchurch quake including a series of clickable images to show the nature of destruction throughout the CBD.
  • “The Year the Earth Went Wild 2011” programme has a section on the NZ earthquake, it is available on Channel 4 on Demand  and the full programme is also on YouTube.
  • Here is a link to Australia’s ABC news which explains that whilst Christchurch has some very stringent building codes many buildings were unable to resist the ground acceleration caused by the 6.3 magnitude quake. The codes are among the best in world but the nature of the shaking was highly unusual. This was due to two geological factors. Firstly the seismic lensing that came about as the waves of energy were reflected back into the CBD from the Port Hills basalt outcrops. Secondly, the city is built of sedimentary planes of rock which effectively rattled. The rapid acceleration also led to a slap down effect that forced moisture and sediment to the surface producing liquefaction.
  • As part of the recovery process a charity cricket match was held at Wellington’s Basin Reserve Ground. The event known as ‘Fill the Basin’ was played ‘Hollywood vs Wellywood’ with film stars from the US playing against New Zealands movie stars most of whom feature in the Lord of the Rings films.
  • In an attempt to improve earthquake preparedness New Zealand took part in Great Shakeout Drill in September 2012. The mass drill has been running in the US for sometime having been started in California. 1.5 million took part throughout New Zealand with 58,000 in Christchurch.

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