Extra Information on Christchurch for the AIB

Here is a link to the blog by Dr Rowan with more information on seismic lensing.

This is the link on the back of the AIB to photos taken during the quakes.

Also from the back of the AIB this website describes why the nature of the hidden fault that led to the earthquake. The fact it was hidden from the surface made it hard to detect and measure. A variety of measures have been employed to monitor the fault. The image on the page shows that the fault extends into the ocean, it was lucky that there was very little movement as it could have led to a tsunami otherwise.

This website is full of lots of excellent information about the events, causes and impacts of the earthquake. The video content is particularly useful. This YouTube clip shows an aerial view of the fault line.

Here is a link to the Christchurch Herald website highlighting the changes in landuse following the earthquake. This is a very useful short report on land instability from specialists Tonkin and Taylor. It reveals the process of land classification into red, amber or white zones and declares which people have the option to move to new areas. This documentary from 1996 reveals the potential for problems that were well known to earthquake specialists. It highlights some of the building regulations that were enforced and also some flaws in some of the government policy.

You can find a closer look at climate records in the US at this link. 

If you feel you would like to improve your knowledge of earthquakes take a look at Professor Ian Stewart introducing ’10 Things You didn’t know about Earthquakes’ here. It lasts for 60 minutes so focus on the section about Turkey if time is short.


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