Unit 4B Pre-Release Material: Further Research



In preparation for the examination you should carry out some further research into the progress that
Kenya has made towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. A very good starting
point would be the following article:

There is an excellent, but complex site, which is based on the book Kenya: Atlas of our Changing
Environment at: http://www.unep.org/dewa/africa/kenyaatlas/

On this site you are advised to watch the ‘Kenya Atlas video’ and to look at ‘Chapter two: Millennium
Development Goals’.

Figures P5 – P8 are based on maps from ‘Nature’s Benefits in Kenya: an Atlas of Ecosystems and
Human Well-Being’. The Atlas can be accessed at:

You should also visit the Kenya page of the Riders Website at: http://www.riders.org/


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